Friday, March 12, 2004

fridayitis nonsense

I went to a She-Ra themed birthday party once. I was in the second grade at the time. Instead of a birthday cake, the mom made little individual mound shaped cakes. She frosted them and then stuck a She-Ra doll in them. The dolls looked like they had big ball gown skirts on. So we all got our own 'She-Ra with a frosting skirt'. That was pretty cool. But when we were done eating the skirt part we had to give back the doll. Because they belonged to the birthday girl. That kinda sucked.

Viewing this site caused a major 80's flashback for me. And it made me wish I still had my She-Ra toys. So I could play with them and brush their hair. And pretend we were about to go out and save the day while dressed in bad-ass chic outfits.

I was envious of the friend with all the She-Ra toys. I had a lot of dolls, but she had everything. Every single She-Ra doll and She-Ra friend and She-Ra accessory and She-Ra castle imaginable. She had every other toy and game out there as well. At least that's how it seemed to my little 7-year-old mind. And she had little tv in her room. Gah!

I had never realized what a dumb name She-Ra was until I typed it four times in one sentence.

She-With-The-Dumb-Name still kicked ass though. Because of this, and the cool outfits, and the fact that she was known as the 'Princess of Power' and got to carry a sword and ride a flying horse, I wanted to be like her when I grew up. Turns out I'm still growing. And still wanting to be like her. Talk about an interesting career move. :)

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