Thursday, March 25, 2004

my cap must be defective

I have a bottle of Dr. Pepper in front of me. They have a 'look under the cap' prize game going on. So that's what I did. I looked under the cap. It said: PLEASE TRY AGAIN. So I put the lid back on. And tried again. This time, when I looked under the cap, it still said: PLEASE TRY AGAIN. So I put the lid back on it. I waited a minute. Thinking maybe I tried again too soon last time. A minute later I unscrew the cap, turn it over, and guess what I found written underneath it? PLEASE TRY AGAIN. Damn. This game is hard.

I'm trying to work on this writing project of mine. I should be working on my writing assignment, but I can't concentrate on it here at work. So I'll save it for home. But this writing project, I can work on it at work. But I'm distracted at the moment. And not just from playing the cap game with my Dr. Pepper. No, the damn lego game that I found over at nef's blog is distracting me. I should be writing. Instead I'm playing with lego ducks. But I'll stop when I beat the first level. Yep. Because too many people keep coming into the office, which means I have to fake the funk and do some actual work. Dammit. I wanna play with my legos! At least until I beat this first level. Uh huh. Then I'll back to writing. Because this project has been left unfinished for waaaaaay too long.

If only I could win this damn Dr. Pepper game. Then I could quit my job and write and play with legos all the time. That would be awesome.

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