Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Speaking of eating bugs...

I saw the movie Hidalgo last night. And enjoyed it. Great story. Lots of sand. Sword and gun fights. Spunky horses. Wonderful spirit. And Viggo the cowboy. Up on the big screen. Riding around, saving the day. He can ride me any-- er... um... sorry 'bout that. WherewasIagain? Oh yeah.

So, okay, there's this part in the movie were Viggo eats a bug. I'd eat a bug too, if I were starving and dehydrated. But still. Ickies. The worst part of the theater experience last night was not, however, watching yummy Viggo eat nasty bug. Nope. Nor was it the less-than-comfy seat I was perched on. It was a problem of faulty equipment and premature illumination.

Have you seen the movie? You know that part at the end, where Frank and Hidalgo are racing for the finish line, and all of a sudden everything starts moving in slow motion? That's an important part. Because you're thinking, 'ohmygoodness! Are they going to win???' It's the friggin' climax of the whole friggin' story! So I'm sitting there (with the HB next to me) watching this movie, really into the story and hoping Hidalgo and Frank win, and when the action starts moving in slow motion, to prolong the climactic moment for all the viewers, I get all antsy and anticipatory. I hold my breath. And wait. And then...

WHAMMO! The movie stops. The screen is blank. Horsey go bye-bye! The lights even came on in the room. 'It can't be over,' the annoying girl who's been talking the whole time says behind me. 'They didn't show any credits.' Me, I know its not over. 'Sonuvabitch!' I whisper to the HB. 'I can't believe this is happening to us again!'

The same thing happened when the HB and I saw the movie A Midsummer Night's Dream a couple years ago. The film suddenly died about ten minutes from the ended. They got it fixed and everything, but it totally ruins the mood. Drags you out of the little world you were in while watching the movie. Talk about annoying!

Same thing happened with Hidalgo. The movie craps out on us right at the most climactic part of the movie. Buggers! They got the movie to work again about five minutes later or so. And then took another five minutes to get the size right, while the film was playing, which was annoying. But at least I got to see the end of the movie. It would have sucked to sit through two hours of movie just to miss the end.

Something similar to that happened to my mom a long time ago. It was before the invention of movie rentals apparently. That's what she says. Since I have no concept of this strange world she speaks of, I just take her word for it. The movie Jagged Edge was on the tv, and my mom really wanted to see it, so she set up a tape. And watched it later. Jeff Bridges is on trial for murdering his wife, and Glenn Close defends him. She gets him off. In more ways than one. They become lovers and it's all good in the 'hood until Glenn finds evidence that pretty much proves Jeff was the killer. At the very end of the movie, Glenn's in bed, and the 'masked killer' comes into her room. You, the viewer, are pretty sure its Jeff, but you can't be a hundred percent sure, because this is a movie after all. Anything can happen. So Masked Man goes after Glenn, and she shoots him. She goes to rip off the mask and...

Yeah. That's where my mom's VCR stopped recording. I've had VCRs cut off the last few minutes of my X-Files and La Femme Nikita so I can sympathize. Almost. Especially because she says she couldn't go out and rent the movie anywhere. And no one she knew had seen the movie. So she had to wait a year or so to see it again so she could be see if it was Jeff or not. Thank goodness for movie rental places!

Okay. 'nough babbling for one post. Time to go do something else nonproductive. :)

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