Thursday, March 11, 2004

yes she's evil, most definitely...

One of the guys in my office, my Immediate Boss, is quitting. Tomorrow is his last day. And for the last week or so he's been a man obsessed.

Obsessed with playing the bloody version of the penguin whacking game (it's very bloody, so beware you faint of heart). Obsessed with playing it at work because of iwontworkherenextweeksoicangoofoffitis). Obsessed with beating a coworker's high score. It's been really entertaining. I'm glad I introduced them to the game. :)

The two of them have been going at it, whacking penguins over and over and over again, trying to be top dog. Or top yeti I guess.

Last Friday, my soon to be no-longer Immediate Boss sends email to Other Guy: "I just got 923.8! Beat that!"
On Monday, OG emails back: "Well I just got 993! Beat THAT!"
On Tuesday, IB emails me and OG: "1030.3"

Oh, it was really on after that. I tried playing it a few times, but couldn't even get close to breaking the 800 mark. I guess I just didn't have the heart to give it my all, that's why I will never be champion of the bloody penguin throw.

That didn't stop yet another co-worker guy from trying though. He's become obsessed in his quest to become the ultimate mack-daddy penguin whacker. The game seems to be highly addictive with the male species.

Yesterday, OG wrote up his latest high score, 1146.2, up on the marker board here in the office.

When Mr. Big Boss Man came in, he saw the number, and asked, "What is that?" I, unfortunately drinking water at the time, tried not to snort water all over my keyboard. My IB, who had quickly changed window screens with Mr. BBM came in, gave him a good answer, and Mr. BBM soon went away.

Today, about an hour ago, the MDPW strode into the office and triumphantly crossed out the number 1146.2. Above it he wrote 1219.7. He was so proud of himself. If he'd had peacock feathers sticking out of his butt he would have been strutting. Instead, he gloated a bit then went back to his own office.

And then brilliance struck me. Actually, I'd had the idea last week, but didn't really want to bother with it. But now I did. I told the three guys hanging out in the office (the IB wasn't present) what I was going to do. They all started chuckling. And pressuring me to hurry. "Patience boys. Don't rush my art."

I pulled up the bloody penguin game, clicked and whacked, and watched the penguin head fly. I got a score of 590.6. I made a copy of the image, opened up the paint application, and doctored the image by drawing a one in front of the five. 1590.6! Beat that! heh heh heh.

While I printed out the image one of the chuckle guys skipped out the door to go tell MDPW that his record had just been smashed! MWHAHAHAHAHA! MDPW saw the print out and his mouth dropped open. "I'm not playing that damn game anymore," he said. Then he looked at the picture, growled in frustration, and said, "Okay, just a little bit more." He went back to his office like a man on a mission.

Mr. Funny, who said I was the bombette because of my excellent picture faking skills, just came from MDPW's office and said he's sulking. And trying to beat my 'score'. I kind of feel bad now. I probably should have let him have at least an hour or so to gloat. Especially in front of IB when he gets back from his 2 hour lunch. But oh well. :) I'll tell him tomorrow that he's still Mack Daddy Penguin Whacker Supreme.

I can't wait until my Immediate Boss comes back from lunch. I've got the picture push-pinned up on the board above his desk. Right next to the number 1590.6 that someone wrote in marker above the crossed out number 1219.7. IB will probably get suspicious, and probably guess that it's a fake. But I hope not. :)

The Immediate Boss just came in. And saw the scores up on the board. And my picture. "Holy shit! 1590?"


::sigh:: I am so easily amused.

Five minutes later...

Immediate Boss: *sitting at desk typing*
IB: *pauses*
IB: 1590?????


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