Tuesday, March 30, 2004

dear diary

i haven't written in you for, like, ever. sorry 'bout that. but you see, i've been busy. doing lots of reading and writing. lots and lots of writing actually. and even some 'rithmatic. damn tax season. guess what my accountant told me. she told me i'm a prime example of how a person can get screwed by the new tax law or whatever. doesn't that suck? i think it does. damn the man! save the empire! my empire that is. bah!

i've been busy doing other stuff too. like, the other day, some guy called me a caca head. so i had to kick his ass. and then i saw his friends laughing. they were probably laughing at the speed at which their friend's ass got beat. but they might have been laughing at me. so just to be on the safe side i kicked their asses too. it sure was fun. wish you were there dear diary. and then i stepped into an alternate dimension and soon i was abducted by some aliens who kind of looked like Jamie Farr... oh wait. that last sentence is a lyric from a weird al song. it didn't really happen. but it sounds cool. and i'm all about the cool dear diary, as you most obviously know.

oops. time for me to go. have to go work on my next writing assignment. and catch up on blogs. and eat the apple i brought into work last week that's been sitting in the fridge all by its lonesome waiting for someone to eat it. so i will be that someone. because i'm good at that. eating apples that is. i rarely injure myself anymore from it. and my brain needs a break. yeah. that's it. brain break time! talk to you later dear diary. peace out!

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