Tuesday, March 16, 2004

i know someone from tv. sure, its only in my dreams that i know her, but still, i think that should count for something.

The other night I had a really funky dream. The HB and I were in this house, and part of the wall moved. And the part moving was made out of glass with fancy brass designs woven through it. It moved as if it were part of a larger circle, and it was spinning around something we couldn't see, deep on the other side of the wall. All we could see was a part of the glass that stuck out of the wall. It was super cool. And I kept seeing the same date everywhere. 1943. or 1947. or 1974. I can't quite remember what the date was now. But I saw it more than once. I think there was a big plaque on the wall with the date on it in big numbers. It was the date of when the house was built. I do remember that. When I told the HB about this dream he said that dreaming numbers was important. It meant something. Hopefully it wasn't anything too important, since I can't remember what the number was.

Last night I had another weird dream, and was able to recall some of it this morning. Not all, but some of it. Here's what I remember...

I was in Las Vegas with a bunch of people. One of those people was my mom. We were in a casino, sitting in a row of comfy chairs, doing something. Like gambling on some sort of carnival type game. I can't quite remember.

But I do remember that I was being annoying. I was being perky and loud and having fun, and apparently that was getting on someone's nerves. So my mom and I went over to a nearby row of slot machines. We stationed ourselves at the end of the row.

Now, on these machines was the number 31. As we approached the machines I thought to myself, 'it isn't a 31 cent machine. Or a 31 dollar machine. It's a one dollar machine, yet it still has the number 31 on it.' Fascinating how the Dream Me is so observant :)

So I put a dollar in my slot machine, and was happy when I won money. If you're unlucky on the dollar machines, your money goes by fast. I don't remember what was on the face of the machine, all I remember was that there were four squares, one on top of the other, and they were digital readouts. I put in my dollar and each square lit up with a one. I won four dollars! Woo! My mom, who is one of the luckiest people I know when it comes to slot machine playing, was playing two machines next to me. Playing two, because she's so damn lucky she can't contain her winnings on just one machine.

So she played two machines, and since I was apparently being lucky, I played two machines as well. I put in my dollars and was about to hit the button when my mom pushed them for me. I was pissed. Because I was afraid that if I won a huge jackpot they'd give the money to her, since she was the one who pushed the buttons. So I told her to keep her hands away from my machine. Then my mom went and pushed the buttons again. Over and over again. She kept pushing on her machine's buttons then mine, like a little child going 'na na na na na.'

Then the machines went blank. I wanted to scream, because I'd just had a 4 and a 2 and a 1 and a 2 come up on one of my machines. And yeah, that's only 9 bucks, but still! I was winning!

Someone came over to help us, and said that excessive play on the end machines sometimes caused the machines to blank out. In my dream, this sounded totally reasonable. The helper lady reset our machines, then walked away. 'What about my money!' I said. I was ready to downshift into full bitch mode to get my money.

Next thing I knew, my mom and I were filling out a claim form. Sweet! She had already filled hers out, so I was filling out my claim on the next line.

And for some reason someone was standing right next to me, peering over my shoulder, watching me like a hawk. I can't remember what the categories were that they wanted me to fill out, but there were some I skipped, like I didn't know the answer to them or something, and the person watching me was making me nervous, and I didn't want to sit and ponder the question because I didn't want the person to think I was stupid and didn't know what to put in the blank. Weird.

Then I had to fill out how much money the machine stole from me. I was thinking of putting down two 4's and one 2, instead of one 4 and two 2's. Then the woman standing behind me said something.

Only it wasn't just any woman. It was Katrina from the NBC show The Apprentice. And in my dream I knew her. I can't remember what she said to me exactly, but she accused me of running some scam and getting a lot of money from the casino. My first thought was 'I really don't like you bitch' and my second thought was 'hey, I was only going to get two more dollars!'

And that's all I remember.

I wonder what the number 31 meant. Does it mean anything? Is it significant? Or did my subconscious think it would be funny, since I had recently pondered the significance of numbers in dreams, and decide to through in some random numbers in my dreams. I bet its sitting back, cackling evil-ly, thinking 'Ha! Figure that one out!'

I'll have to research this further. Because if 31 is some lucky number I have to play in the lotto, I need to hurry up and find out!

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