Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Tuesday is Chooseday

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. find out your best friend is selling secrets to terrorists OR find out they download child pornography?

on the one hand, I'd rather find out they were downloading the porn, because I think that could be better explained. I'd believe she was doing 'research' for something very important more than I'd believe she was a spy, posing as a double agent or something. But if she was reaaaally doing these things... I think I'd rather find out she was selling secrets to terrorists. No. Wait. I'd still rather find out she was downloading the porn. Because looking at the child porn is gross, but it doesn't really hurt anyone. (Except the people around her maybe). But selling secrets to terrorists could hurt a whole lot of people.

2. pluck out all your nose hairs with tweezers OR shave (face or legs) with an old, rusty blade?

With the first, my eyes would be watering like crazy and my poor nose would be sore. But the pain would go away.
Shaving with a rusty blade? That doesn't sound much better. Is the blade still sharp? Is there potential to cut yourself? Because if there is, I don't want to be shaving myself with the old rusty nasty blade. If its dull, it won't do a very good job, and will be a pain to shave anything off. That doesn't sound enjoyable. I guess I'd rather pluck out all my nose hairs. I think. Maybe.

3. the official language of the united nations become klingon OR esperanto?

Esperanto. I've never heard the language before so I don't know how nice it sounds or how useful it is. But the Klingon language has a disadvantage. I don't think there are words for warm and fuzzy things. Like peace. And harmony. And kindness. And 'don't hit him that's not a very nice thing to do' And the official language of the UN should have nice cozy words like that. Does the Klingon language have those words? My klingon/english dictionary is hidden away in one of my book boxes and not readily accessible, so I can't be totally 100% sure.

4. have a very "energetic" orgasm every time you sneeze OR fart loudly every time you have an orgasm?

I would rather have a very 'energetic' orgasm every time I sneezed. And would invest in sneeze inducing stuff. so I could sneeze when ever I needed a little pick me up. :) If I could have an ANY type of orgasm every time I sneezed that would be awesome. and yeah, you might look a little funny, being all 'energetic' and such. But you're sneezing. So blame it on the sneeze! I've seen people have weird convulsions when they sneeze. So it wouldn't be too far fetched of a thing to believe. Farting every time you orgasm would be embarrassing. And would so ruin the mood. That wouldn't be much fun at all.

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