Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Tuesday is Chooseday

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. walk to school OR carry your lunch? (that goes out to my oma who used to ask me that when i was little)?

I would rather carry my lunch. That way I can show off my cool Wonder Woman lunch box.

And what if it decides to rain? Walking home from school in the rain sucks (which I had to do many a time when I was little.) I love the rain, love walking in the rain, love pretending I'm Gene Kelly in Singin' In The Rain, but singing and dancing in the rain only amuses me for so long. Then my rain soaked soggy socks make me grumpy.

2. drink green beer and throw up for the next hour OR drink green beer and pass out and wake up in an unknown place?

I would rather throw up for an hour. Passing out and waking up in an unknown place would be super scary. Because what if I hadn't just passed out? What if the last two years of my life had been erased from my memory? What if the Covenant wanted my super spy skills and tried to brainwash me into working for their side? What if I've got Alias too much on my brain at the moment? Heh.

3. catch a leprechaun and he give you his pot of gold but the police think you stole the gold and you go to prison OR have to run away from a leprechaun that's evil like the one in this movie?

I've never seen the movie, and I don't know how evil an evil leprechaun can be, but I'll take the jail route, just to be on the safe side. And then with my gold I'll hire a Johnny Cochran and he'll get me out of jail on some technicality.

4. call in "sick" to work so you can go celebrate st. patrick's day with your friends OR go to work and your boss takes you all out to party?

I'll let the boss take us out, and pay for everything. Then I'll go party with my friends after work. :)

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