Thursday, March 04, 2004


For those of you reading this post expecting it to be about 'Friends With Odd Textured Derrières', I'm sorry to say you will be sorely disappointed. This post is about something entirely different.

It's about my 'Favorite Word Of The Day': Sprockets.

It's not my favorite because an image of Spock eared chorus girls doing high kicks popped into my mind. No. I just like the way it sounds. Sprockets. Sprockets sprockets sprockets. It's a cute word. It makes me want to speak annoying baby talk just thinking about it.

! ! ! S p r o c k e t s ! ! !

Too bad I don't have a new pet that's in need of a name. Because I'd have the perfect name for it. No matter what animal it is. "Here Sprockets! Fetch boy!" "Hey Sprockets, guess what mommy brought home for you today. A hamster pimp-ball-mobile!" "Bad Sprockets! Don't eat the other fish!" "Oh Sprockets! You're the prettiest unicorn in the whole wide world!"

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