Wednesday, March 17, 2004

i'm taking a break...

...before i poke out my eyeballs with a reece's peanut butter cup. because hey, it'd be a shame to waste the chocolate.

i'm doing some clean up of the software program we use here at work. its boring, repetitive, banging-head-on-desk-is-only-relief kind of work. bleagh. and now its being difficult, sayig i can't delete the records i need to delete because a program is using them. but i can't figure out what program. i think i know which one, because nothing else comes close to being the right one, but there's no way to delete anything from that program, so that can't be it, because that wouldn't make ANY FRELLING SENSE!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr. its just a great big mess.

but at least i have a peanut butter cup to keep me company while i do it.

and this quiz.

81% Of The Internet Loves Me!
I am loved by 81% of the population, including:
13827 people who love writers
9328 people who love women
9795 people who love students
In return, I love 77% of the population, including:
9308 happy people
4037 naked people
1727 vampires
show the love at

i am loved. so it's all good in my crazy 'hood full of happy naked people. and vampires.

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