Thursday, October 02, 2003

What's On ... Right Now

What's On your 'to do' list Right Now?

I've got a few 'to do' lists. Here's a sample from my To Do List for Taking Over The World

1. Find perfect spot for evil lair. Must have room enough for dungeon, torture chamber, evil lab, bowling alley
2. Hire henchmen
3. Have henchmen furnish evil lair. Be sure to include: fancy gadgets, hi tech security, marshmallows
4. Buy evil wardrobe. Black. Leather. DFWMB's (Don't Fuck With Me Boots). Long flowing cape.
5. Find evil sidekick/second in command. Someone not too dumb, not to bright, and susceptible to my Evil Kitty charms
6. Buy fancy stationary engraved with evil moniker - The Infamous Miss Evil Kitty
7. Use super evil genius skills to come up with plan to take over the world
8. Implement plan

and that's all i have so far. it's at least a good starting point.

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