Monday, April 11, 2005

chocolate pudding to the rescue!

I didn't have time to pack a real lunch this morning. I managed to grab some gold fish crackers, a pudding handi snack, and a prepackaged breakfast pastry and then I was heading out the door. Mmm Mmm yummy.

I ate the breakfast pastry first. You know, for breakfast. Then I had a cup of fishy crackers. (The cup is a styrofoam coffee cup that I snagged from the coffee pot table and drew little pictures around it to make it look like a fish bowl. *teehee*)

Normally this combination of snacks would be filling enough, but I didn't eat dinner last night, so I was extra hungry today. That meant a trip to Vending Machine Land. One of the vending machines has these really yummy sandwiches. I've tried the pastrami sandwich and really liked it. I've tried the ham and cheese sandwich and really liked it too. Thought about running down and grabbing another one I liked it so much. Today, the only sandwich available from the same brand name company was the chicken fried steak sandwich. And I thought, Chicken fried steak? I love chicken fried steak!

So I put in my money, grabbed my big hearty soon-to-be-microwaved chicken fried steak sandwich and marched back upstairs.

Sitting at my desk (yes, I took a working lunch today, Gah!), smelling the nuked chicken lunch, my stomach cried, Feed me!. And I obeyed.

And nearly spit the first bite all over my desk

Holy fuzz nugget that sandwich was disgusting!

I was tempted to throw it away, but I'd spent $1.75 of my hard earned money on the damn thing, so that wasn't a favorable option.

I ate it. And made really scrumpled up faces as I did. Bleagh!

I think I have an orange in the fridge somewhere. I'm going to have to eat it to burn the taste out of my mouth.

Good thing I had the foresight to save the chocolate pudding for dessert. Mr. Pudding, you are my hero!

Why isn't it time to go home yet? Why?! *whine*

Updated to add this newly discovered inspiring quote...

'Tis better to have fought and lost, than never to have fought at all.
quoteth Peschiera

and this newly discovered life lesson...

'Tis better to have eaten nasty sandwich, than never to have eaten at all.
quoteth Me

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