Friday, April 08, 2005

Stick a fork in me and call me Shirley.

I think I am going to cry.

Or beat my head on the desk until I can't see straight. One or the other.

You know this project I've been working on? This cleanup project I've whined about over the last few days? Just had a major set back. And I mean punch-me-in-the-boobs MAJOR!

(I was going to say kick-me-in-the-balls major, but I don't have balls thank you very much, so I had to come up with something equivalent instead)

We found out on Monday that the report we were running to see how far along we were in our Filling in Blank Data Fields X and Y Project wasn't capturing all the records we needed. If a certain field was left blank, Field A, the report ignored the entire record. Sons of bitches!!! (I've been saying this phrase way too much today. And its not making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like it normally does.)

So we didn't even know about the hundreds of records that still needed to be fixed. Not until Monday that is. You know, this whole thing has been a great big pain in my great big ass! *sigh* So Monday I got the bright idea to go record by record and fill in this all important field. That way we could rerun the report and see what was still needed to be filled out in fields X and Y of all pertinent records!

I was doing best guesses on some records, other times I was just typing in a big UNKNOWN. We could figure it out later, just so long as something was in that first field.

I started at the bottom of the list, at the Z's, and worked my way up. At the end of Monday I was all the way up to the S's. The whole thing was totally mind numbing but after I ran a count and saw that I'd done over 300 records I felt glorious. 300 records! Woo! Go me!

I've worked on this little record updating task all week. I was almost done with the L's when I took a little lunch break. When I came back to it I looked at the next record, had no idea what vendor supplied the item (this is a parts database I'm updating), and typed in the blank vendor field 'unknown'. And you know what the bastard computer said to me? 'Unknown is an invalid vendor entry'.


Somehow the handy little 'unknown' vendor record I set up was deleted from the vendor table. And for some reason it deleted EVERY SINGLE FUCKING field that I filled in 'unknown' for. Every. Single. Fucking. One. Hundreds! All gone. Hours! All wasted.

So that means it all has to be done all over again.


It shouldn't have been able to happen. If someone tried to delete the vendor record a little error message should have popped up saying 'hey asshole, this record is being used in the inventory table. It can't be deleted.' But for some reason that didn't happen.


I'm done for the day. I don't care if I have another two hours left. I'm done.

Stick a fork in me and call me Shirley.

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