Friday, April 08, 2005

Hi. This is Captain Right Brain speaking. I'll be your pilot for today.

Oh my goodness! Blogger's back up and running so that means I can post today!

Whoa whoa whoa dear internet friends. Don't everyone break dance in glee all at once now. That's how accidents happen.

I had so much to write about yesterday and blogger wouldn't let me share my stories with the world. Oh the tradedy!

[insert exaggerated eyeroll here]

I've got many goodies to add to the blog - well, not really many. And not necessary of a high enough caliber to qualify as goodies. So uh... hmmm.

I just went and updated my profile. Fun! Later I'll be adding a new little feed button down over there on the right. Later because I've got more important things to do today. Like write.

Lately, writing has become this sort of... obsession I guess you can say. I've always liked writing, but lately I feel the need to write. The muse gets her creative juices flowing and I can't help but be totally distracted by it. It's great, but I mainly feel this way at work. That's when the muse tends to be most hyper. I think this recent compulsion is just clever camouflage from the Right Brain. She just isn't getting stimulated enough by the office drone work. But hey, whatever works. :)

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