Thursday, April 14, 2005

I may not want my brazilian waxed, but if the price is right I'm open to other countries.

I'm going to a bachlorette 'party' on Saturday. And by 'party' I don't mean 'wild drunken orgy'. Darn it. :)

The 'party' consists of two parts. For the first part, a couple of girls are getting together to be pampered at a day spa called Che Bella. How fancy schmancy does that sound?!

It sounds completely schmancy to my simple, plain little ears. I've never been to a spa. Never had any of those girly things done, like the manicure, the fake nails, the facials, the waxing in places I only show doctors and guys who buy me dinner.

Heh. Just kidding with that last part. I also require jewelry, a minimum of 10 hours spent sitting next to me in theaters while watching quality chick flicks, and a declaration of their undying love for me. :)

So anyways, I would totally love doing this whole day spa thing, getting all relaxed and cleansed and prettied up and shit, if I had the money to spend. Which I don't. Why my friend, the Bride To Be, picked this as a part of her bachlorette shindig, I have no idea. Maybe her other friends are rich. I know I'm not, and I know my best friend Zoink, the maid of honor, is not as well. Especially after shelling out money for a dress and shoes and etc.

So I think the two of us will be sitting together, getting a manicure (one of the cheapest things on the menu) while everyone else runs around getting a more thorough primping.

I'm tempted to get other stuff done, but if I really want fake nails I can get them for at least half the price here at home. Same goes with most of the other things. And I know, its not the same here, because I won't be with the girls and the BTB doing the whole bachlorette thing. But still, thirty bucks for a manicure? Sheesh almighty. And sixty bucks for the cheapest facial? Sheesh almighty squared! That's almost a hundred bucks right there. And that's about how much I have left to my name until payday. This spa day isn't going to make me feel pretty. It's going to make me feel poor.

Being broke sucks kitty litter!

But I might just say, 'Screw it! Throw some of that pineapple froo froo shit on my face and lets par-tay!'

I'll just have to see how the mood hits me on Saturday, living spontaneously. Woo!

The second part of the not-so-wild maybe-drunken absolute-orgy-free party is the dinner. Girls from the day spa are meeting up with a few more girls at some restaurant for dinner. And that's all I know about that.

One of the BTB's sisters is the other maid of honor. She's like the second runner up MOH since I think Z is the 'main' MOH. Anyway, at the bridal shower, the sister comes up to Z (or was it more like accosted Z? *tee hee*) and says that they need to do something 'special' for the BTB for her bachlorette party.

During the car ride home, Z tells her car companions (me, her mom, and another friend) about this 'special' thing that she needs to come up with. "What does she mean by special?" Z asks.

And I, being ever so helpful, suggested, "Special means we buy the BTB two lap dances instead of one."

Z shot me a disdainful (yet loving, I know) look over her shoulder and declared that she was not spending her money on anything remotely related to lap dances and half nekkid greased up men. I can't remember the exact words, but that was the gist. So bummer that! :)

This is going to be a fun weekend (even sans lap dances!) and I can't wait until it starts. I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow to drive up to Z's place. It's a minimum four hour drive, and I'm going to try and make it without stopping which means I'll arrive cramped and sore and crying for my momma. But it'll be worth it, because I'm meeting up with Z (who's house I'm bunking at) and we're going to hang out together and do non-spa girly things for the rest of the day. Yay!!!

And then on Saturday I'm going to hang out with a couple people I know, and even more people I don't know, exploring this strange new world, the Day Spa World. I'll know my best friend Z, the Bride To Be (who I never talk to anymore outside of girlfriend get-togethers) and the BTB's sister (who I don't really know and who I don't really care for after a certain 'i'm better than you let me rub it in your face' comment she made to Z a few days ago.) So yeah, if not fun, it will certainly be interesting.

At least I'll be hanging out with my BBBF Zoink. It's always good to have a gal pal around who you can make snarky comments with. :)


  1. You can ALWAYS count on me for a snarky comment!!! Can't wait to see you! -Zoink

  2. hope you have a fun weekend! enjoy!