Friday, April 22, 2005

My '50 Word Fiction Friday' Challenge Submission

How Mom Taught Me To Deal With Overzealous Salespeople

The saleswoman smiled. "Can I interest you in-"
"No thank you," mom kindly declined."Yes, but-"
"No thank you."
"How about-""No. Thank. You."
The saleswoman walked away.
And returned ten minutes later.
"Can I interest you-"She caught only a glimpse of mom's purse before it knocked her out.

The previous was written for this week's 50 Word Fiction Friday Challenge issued by Jodi.

The Challenge: 'include some aspect of the sales industry'

The Inspiration: the really annoying saleslady at monkeyward's that kept following me and my mom around the store asking if we needed help or wanted to sign up for some special deal they had going on. My mom kept saying no, and the saleslady kept following us around.

The Truth Behind The Fiction: No, my mom never physically assaulted the saleslady. But I'm sure she thought about it at least fleetingly. Maybe thought about throwing a hanger or two at her so she'd shut up and go away. I'm telling ya, the woman was A-NNOY-ING!

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