Friday, April 29, 2005

Search strings and hawaiin shirt dreams, that's what little blogs are made of.

Dude, I am currently the forth listed site for the search query midget cucumber tongs.

How much does that rock? Go me!

And speaking of midget cucumber tongs...

Its Hawaiian Shirt Day and no one told me!

Actually, yesterday was Wear a Hawaiian Shirt to Work Day as well. And there are these cheesy Hawaiian themed party decorations (circa 99 cent store) hanging up in the front lobby. Green palm tree stickers on the windows. Grass skirts hanging from the receptionist's desk. Colorful plastic flower leis hanging here and there. And these heavily glazed wooden... thingies... sitting on the window ledges. It's kinda half-assed looking. But hey, thanks for the effort, I guess.

The Hawaiian theme is part of some sort of Employee Moral Boosting Extravaganza that Management (easily spotted in the silly Hawaiian shirts) cooked up. I'd know more, if I were invited to partake in the festivities. I don't even know if there are festivities! Rumor is, though, that there are little goody bags certain Members of Management are handing out. I don't get one, because they're only for those people in the Production Department, who I guess need a boot boosted up the ol' moral.

But what about me? What about my moral boosting needs? I wasn't let in on the whole Hawaiian shirt dealio and now I feel so out of place! Throw me a frickin' bone here Members of Management!

(Frickin' bone = goodie bag)

Really, I think everyone on the second floor is wearing a Hawaiian shirt today except for me. Because I'm not management. I'm just up here to be at the beck and call of management. Yay me. (I just spotted a nonconformist! She's wearing normal clothes today! I'm no longer the only non-hawaiian-shirt-decked-out person!

It's quite entertaining though, to see Management parade back and forth in front of my desk in their ugly Hawaiian shirts. I don't believe, as a rule, that all Hawaiian shirts are ugly. I have nothing against Hawaiian shirts, and wouldn't be against owning any myself. It's just that the ones on display yesterday and today were and are, frankly, quite hideous. Mr. Supervisor With The Napoleon Complex is wearing an especially gaudy H-shirt today. He was asking me a few questions earlier and I had to keep looking away from him and his ugly shirt, lest it blind my eyeballs forever.

Yesterday this one guy went all out in the Hawaiian clothes theme. He had on a white surfer/skater type shirt, bright red and white and yellow flowered hawaiian board shorts and a Gilligan type hat. At work! On a Thursday! Today he's just in a wild looking Hawaiian shirt. Very nice. Kudos on the threads dude!

I just heard, from the Big Boss herself, that Board Shorts Gilligan Guy will be required to wear the Gilligan hat tomorrow, as well as one of the grass skirts. Sounds like fun. Maybe I should work this Saturday after all.

Today, Girl Who's Office Is Directly Across From Me (aka Owner of the Cell Phone With The Annoying Message Ringtone) is wearing those cheap plastic leis and a big ass flower in her hair. *sniff* I want a big ass flower in my hair too! How come no one told me I could dress up today.

Not that I own a Hawaiian shirt or cheap plastic leis, but still, it's the thought that would have counted. I guess I'll just have to sit here and dream about what could have been.

On a happier note... midget cucumber tongs!

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  1. MIdget cucumber tongs...I love it! And it sure was a big week for Gilligan mentions. I brought it up myself earlier in the week!