Thursday, April 21, 2005

Several minutes later...

I was about to post the previous post when Little Supervisor Man comes up to me and says, "Ready to pop in now?"

As if he knew I was waffling! Either that, or he's just pushy. My money's on both. Heh.

Either way, it worked out well for me. Gave me that extra shove I needed, since he expected me to follow him and I really didn't have an excuse not to. And you know what... it wasn't nearly as bad as my quick-to-freak-out mind imagined it to be.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still sounded like a doofus. I just wasn't as much of a doofus as I have the potential to be. So... uh... go me!

I don't know why I got all anxious about it. I mean, they're my inferiors! They work out on the floor while I work upstairs in an office. I should feel superior! But I don't. Maybe its because the inferior floor workers still make more money than me. (Tightwad company management bitches!) And maybe because I'm just slightly neurotic about such things.

I walked in, gave them all a big rainbow wave (because I be cool like that) and said, "Hi." Apart from the dorky rainbow wave I think I got off to a good start.

I then stood there while my boss mentioned how he'd mentioned to the presentees (recipients of the presentation) that I'll be training them on how to use this particular program. "I threw your name out there a lot," says the boss.

Oh goodie. And btw, thanks boss for heads up on all this stuff!

I stood there, wondering what to do next, when one of the guys in the room started asking me questions. Questions about the training. I was all, "Well... " I didn't have a quick, intelligent answer, but oh well. No biggie. I made stuff up. I best guessed. Because I'm not sure what exactly the bosses want me to train on!!! Grrrr!

Then the boss made a light humored comment about how I'm all strict and shit and if the work doesn't get done right I'll get all crazy program nazi on their asses. He didn't say that exactly, but that's what he implied. Gee, thanks boss. Everyone laughed. I laughed. And I said something like, "I'm not that strict." Because I'm not really. I just get annoyed when the simple shit doesn't get done right because people are too lazy to put even the teensiest bit of effort into their work and I have to waste my time cleaning up after them. Is that strict? Is that asking for too much??? Sheesh!

I then said something I'm sure was pretty asinine. But I can't remember what is now. It sort of slipped past the ol' Brain Check Point, not bothering to stop and show credentials that it was a reasonably sounding sentence. So I'm not sure what I said.

But I have the strangest feeling it was one of those comments that you replay in your mind afterwards, and hear how stupid it sounds, and immediately feel like smacking your forehead to jar the memory permanently from the memory banks.

But maybe no one noticed.

Uh huh. Suuuuuuure. Totally possible. :)

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