Friday, April 08, 2005

"I was born a poor black transient lesbian..."

That title's not exactly true. It's also not even remotely true.

You see, it all started when I went out to lunch with office buddies 'Zack' and 'Sal' yesterday. Near the end of lunch the conversation turned to blogs. And about how I have one. Zack referred to it as 'the blog that no one visits because no one knows it exists.' Even though he's never seen nor read this here blog, he's not entirely too off the mark. :)

When he first found out I had a blog I mentioned something about how its readership numbers are very small. Microscopic even. When he asked for the site address I didn't give it to him and he said, 'Well no one's going to read it if you don't give out the address!' I know this, but I still felt kind of weird giving a coworker directions to this place, this little haven of semi-neurotic rants and semi-narcissistic ramblings.

So why didn't I give him the site addy? Well, I hadn't written anything too personal for a coworker to read, so that wasn't it. I hadn't talked bad about him personally - I don't think I'd even mentioned him before then - so that wasn't it either. And the only work related stuff I've complain about, in what I believe is a relatively cryptic manner, is small potato stuff anyway, so its not like I'm afraid everyone at work will find out about the blog and I'll end up fired, broke, destitute and distraught. (Though I would prefer it if most people here didn't read this crap. *hint hint zack if you ever read this*)

It's just that... I don't know. Some of the things here are dumb/weird/silly/etc, and while I'm sure he's picked up that sense about me, why supply him with the written evidence? Yes, at times I am dumb/weird/silly/etc. I've come to except this about myself. I actually like this about myself. But here at work? I try and play it off like I'm normal. Well, relatively normal. Maybe he's figured me out. Maybe they all have. But at least this way I can pretend like I have everyone fooled.

I pretend to be normal because I'm shy. Almost paralyzing-ly so when I meet people for the first time. It takes me a while to warm up to people before I feel comfortable enough to let my silly side shine. That right there is probably the main reason I didn't share the blog addy with him. That, and do I really want a coworker to know how much I blog during office hours? Probably not but...

But I'm in an extra shiny mood today so...

Well, on the walk back from lunch I mentioned that I'd blogged about the girl who I think might have been flirting with me. I also mentioned that I'd blogged about the email the New Boss had sent out saying 'keep it up Ken!'. Zack said he'd do a search for that, the 'keep it up' bit, to find my blog. I said, 'go ahead and try it. You'll never find my blog that way.' Then I suggested he try looking for both blog posts by searching for 'keep it up' and 'lesbian' in the same search string. Though I think he'll find a lot more interesting blogs with that search before he ever finds mine. :)

Then he said something about how I could find his blog with a rather interesting search.

Zack : 'I was born a poor black lesbian.'
Me : bwahahahaha!
Sal : No. A poor black transient lesbian.
Zack : Yes! I was born a poor black transient lesbian...
Me : oh I am so blogging this.

So if Zack really wants to visit my blog he knows now what to search for. :)

I wonder how many people will find this site with a search for 'I was born a P.B.T.L.' If you are such a person, dear First Time Reader, well... sorry to get your hopes up. I wasn't born poor. Or black. Or transient. Or a lesbian. And if you ever get around to reading this Zack... well... hi. Also, beware: you'd better rethink that whole 'spam' plan or I'll sic Dragon Lady on you.

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  1. Look, I found you! I finally remembered what to search! Hoo Hah! Oh, by the way I think I have been mentioned like 5 times in your blog prior to this post. Wow, and how prompt I was at finding you! Only a 1-1/2 years late! So timely!

    your friend at work, Zack