Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday is Chooseday!

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. eat earthworm cake OR ladybug ice cream?


I'd rather eat ladybug ice cream. Ladybugs are smaller than earthworms and probably more easier to ignore. If you swallowed a great big scoop of ice cream you might not even notice the little ladybugs inside. And I could eat the ice cream so fast that my tongue turns numb and I wouldn't notice a thing. Or a ladybug.


2. punch your best friend in the face OR kick one of your parents in the shin?

Uh... sorry Z, but I think I'll be punching you in the face.

I might be able to kick my dad in the shin but...

... well, it'd be easier to sell tickets for a girl on girl fight. :)

3. have your teeth turn brown OR your finger nails turn yellow?

I'd rather have my fingernails turn yellow because I need my smile in tip top shape. It's my moneymaker! It's what draws in the crowds (which the ta-ta's deny vigorously, those egomaniacs.)

But seriously, I could paint the yellow fingernails with nail polish a lot easier than I could paint the brown teeth.

4. wear a tutu over everything OR wear a top hat all the time?

Dude, I'd so be rockin' the tutu. I'd have one in every color. And I'd have tutu accessories, like beads and spangles and glow-in-the-dark glitter and other sparkly things. I'd have mood tutu's that change color. I'd have big and loud tutu's, small and sophisticated tutu's, club hopping tutu's and gardening tutu's.

Hey, wait a minute here...

*sniff sniff*

Can you smell that?

*sniff sniff*

That's the smell of a BRILLIANT money making idea! This is how I'm going to make my millions! Tutu's will be to fashion what Avril Lavigne's neck ties are to rock music. Or... uh... something that's a better example. Heh.

Don't you even think about stealing my idea now, k? It's mine. But if anyone wants in on this groundbreaking project, I'm taking applications for partners. I'm not greedy. I'll share my soon-to-be-billion-dollar-empire with my peeps. :)


  1. i am so there with the tu-tu!

    won't we be be pretty?

  2. we will be the prettiest of the pretty!