Thursday, April 28, 2005

Interoffice Memo Time

FROM : Whiney McWhinerson
TO : Coworkers
RE: Your hideous lack of prompt communication skills

Would you please be so kind as to answer your effin phone for chrimeny's sake! I have work I have to do. Work you need done. And I have questions. Questions because you didn't give me all the information I needed. So I call you, in need of some answers, but you don't bother to answer you phones! I can't believe I'm about to quote the munchkin from Full House but... How rude!

Is sitting by your phone, in eager anticipation of a possible call from moi, so hard to do? I think not.

Office-ally Yours,
Lisa the Systems Goddess And Ruler Of All Things (Not Currently Ruled Over By Higher Up Muckety Mucks)


No one is answering their phones today. It's like some kind of freaky phenomenon thing. Like, its suddenly raining for no reason (!) so hey let's make everyone I need to talk to not available. Fun! They're all busy. Or home sick. Or some other lame excuse. Whatever!

What about me? What about my needs?


Now that I've whined that out of my system... where have I heard that phrase before? That 'my needs' bit? Isn't a quote from a movie or tv show or something? It sounds so familiar.

It's been a frustrating day so far, and holy fuzz nuggets its only half over! But there's been heavily frosted cinnamon rolls on the community food desk so that's been good. Or bad, if you're my ass. But I'm ignoring the ass today. Yes, sometimes the ass can be ignored in matters of the happy, especially when frosting is involved.

Where the hell was I going with this... eh, I have no idea. Too much happy frosting I think. D'oh!

Dude! Someone sitting behind me just said, 'uuuummmm yeahhhhhhh.' Just like Bill from the movie Office Space. That just so totally made my day!


My name is Lisa and I be of the Easily Amused variety.


  1. be proactive...unplug her phone....

    be even more proactive...when she steps aaway unplug the receiver and the phone. she will look silly.

  2. the unplug the phone bit. classic.

    that 'mysteriously' happened several times to my former desk neighbor. it never lost its funny. :)