Friday, April 01, 2005

Here ye, here ye!

Donations are now being accepted for the Buy Loon An Electronic Bug Zapper Fund.

My parents have one of these and its awesome. My dad gets a kick out of using it. So does my mom. And since I come from both of these easily amused adults I know I would too. I can hear me now. "Fry little buggers. Fry! Mwhahahahaha!"

It's only twenty bucks. I think I can afford that. Or maybe I'll suggest it to the parents for a birthday present. I've hinted at a digital camera but I have the strangest suspicion that they were ignoring me. Me! Their only daughter!

I know they'll never buy me a digital camera; it's a bit too much. And I really don't want them spending that much money on me for my birthday anyways. But it doesn't hurt to get the word out there. Bait the hook and see if anyone bites. I've also dropped a few hints in front of the HB. More than a few actually, since he is my main target audience for high tech gadgetry hint dropping. But now that we're in Financial Crisis Mode again I doubt he'll be able to afford it. Darn it.

Guess I should start dropping him hints for the bug zapper. :)

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