Tuesday, April 12, 2005

T. I. C.

tuesday is chooseday

Would you rather...

1. have starr jones over for dinner OR mike Tyson?

I can't stand Starr Jones. I think she's annoying and way too full of herself. I'd still rather have her over for dinner though. I wouldn't feel safe with that crazy motherfucker Tyson around.

2. put cheez-whiz on everything you eat OR marshmallows?

Uh... this is a hard one. Each one has different things going for it (cheez-whiz comes in a can!), and many things working against it (cheez-whiz tastes like doody!), so... I think I'd have to go with marshmallows. Because they taste better and hopefully wouldn't ruin everything that I eat.

3. hitchhike everywhere you go OR walk?

Walk. It's an effed up world out there and I don't care to play russian roulette with strange drivers.

4. dress in lederhosen for a week OR nothing but a grass skirt and coconut bra?

Lederhosen. There's no way I'm wearing a coconut bra to work. It's too chilly in the office for that. I mean, I'm already at NipCon 3! I don't know how much more the girls can take.

Oh great. Now I have that stupid Coke commercial jingle stuck on repeat in my head.
You put the lime in the coke, you nut...


  1. do you get to wear a shirt with those lederhosen?

  2. unless its full body 'hosen, then i'd say yes.