Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Several minutes later...

The previous post was written this morning, though I actually posted it just a few minutes ago. And this? This is being written right now. No, now. No, now. No... Not that it matters because it's not being posted now.

Okay, so I just got back from dropping the HB off at home. He's so cute, he bought me brunch to eat on the way to the apartment, and once there insisted on packing me a lunch to take back to work with me. A lunch of leftover pizza. Because that's what I was planning on packing myself before the brunch. But now I don't think I'll be hungry for lunch so I said no thanks. He ran around anyway, being all cute like, packing me a pizza lunch. I said no thanks, again, but wanted to yell, 'just stop for a second and give me damn kiss I gotta go I'm gonna be laaaaaaate!' but I didn't. Because he was being so damn cute. He compromised on the lunch packing and ran to the cupboard and got me some gold fish crackers to snack on instead.

There were two accidents on the freeway as we drove home, so it took twice as long to get home than it normally should. I only have a half hour for lunch and all of that was spent driving to the apartment. Eek! Driving back wasn't bad, but the road in front of my work place was still closed off so it was a pain getting here. I did a fancy Drive Through The Corner Fast Food Restaurant Parking Lot maneuver to bypass the road blocks and was at least able to park in front of the building. And I did it an hour after I'd left. Oops. And, I did it ONE MINUTE BEFORE MY MEETING! A meeting that's held in the downstairs conference room every Tuesday at 11, in the conference room with the wall of windows overlooking the parking lot. I thought, as I drove and park and sprinted in the door, oh great, show up late for the boss and everyone else to see! but as it turns out the boss wasn't there yet. No one was. Thirty seconds after I walked in the door the boss came down, found out the conference room was already occupied, saw that I was the only one that bothered to show up and said, 'huh.' On top of no one noticing I was gone for so long, and not running in the door and into the meeting in front of all my meeting buddies, I think I earned me some employee brownie points with the boss.


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