Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Girl Detective Obsession is Steele Going Strong

If anyone reading the last post recognized the phone number, fax number, or address on the business card, they probably watch way too much television with a particular fixation on excellent shows featuring kick ass girl detectives with hunky male sidekicks. Either that, or they've memorized these two sites, which I think might be kind of fun, in a dorky kind of way.

According to this site, which lists A TON of 555-whatever phone numbers from tv shows and movies, 555-6235 is Laura Holt's phone number. She was the kick ass private detective that was the brains behind Remington Steele. Pierce Brosnan was the hunky male sidekick. I absolutely love that show and still wouldn't mind growing up to be as pretty and detective-y as Laura Holt. Especially if that means working with a hunky Pierce look-alike. :)

555-6431, according to the same site, is Dana Scully's phone number. She was the kick ass FBI agent from The X-Files, with David Duchovny as the hunky male sidekick Mulder. He wasn't as hunky as Pierce, but still pretty hunky. I loved that show (not counting the last two seasons because they sucked major elephant turd suckage) and at one point in time wanted to be just like Scully. Without the alien abduction thing. And without the cancer thing. And the weird pregnancy thing. Just the kick ass FBI agent thing.

The 'Century City Towers' address is the address of the Remington Steele Detective Agency. I found the address from this site that lists all kinds of tv show building addresses.

These websites are a bit obsessive, yes, but totally cool. At least to this tv junky. :)


  1. i know the x-files [although i never watched it], but i think i'm too young to know the other show. heh. :)

  2. you are so not too young because you're only a year or so younger than me (and i'm not old yet! ack!) and i only know Remington Steele through reruns.

    reruns are awesome. and so are old tv shows being released on DVD, which i think RS is in line for. wheee!

  3. oh. well... i still don't know what show you are talking about. :P

  4. ah, too bad then. you're missing out! if you like cheesy 80's detective shows that is. :) :)

  5. i wasn't really into the 80's detective shows. except Miami Vice. i would watch reruns of Dragnet with my grandmother. but i was more in to the 80's action/drama shows: midnight rider [remember that one? with the talking car?? ha!], wonder woman, dukes of hazzard [duh], a-team [i pity da foo!]. and then, of course, all the cartoons. man, the 80's were great for TV. not so much on the clothes or hairstyles... but the TV shows rocked. :D

  6. lol. those shows definitely rocked. though when i try and watch Dukes of Hazard now i have no idea what i saw in that show. A-Team though, that's a classic! :)