Monday, April 04, 2005

I need two cc's of knock-knock jokes STAT!

There's this 'project' at work I've been working on. Been working on it off and on for a couple months now. Been putting in overtime (overtime = more money = warm debt fuzzies) so I can stare at the computer monitor until my eyes want to pop out while I do very boring, brain melting, repetitive tasks that sometimes only consist of 'copy, paste, click to next record, copy, paste, click to next record, etc.'

Lather. Rinse. Repeat until all your hair falls out.

Sometimes I'll get in a groove and go for hours like this. That's when I need to put up the 'don't fuck with me I'm in the zone' sign, because that's when everyone decides to come to me with their problems. Figures, don't it? I think it was during one of these Zone Interruptus moments that I came up with a new work slogan. It's sort of a play on that Radio Shack 'you've got questions, we've got answers' slogan.

You've got questions.
Someone else has answers.
Go bother them.

Or something like that. I was this close to typing it up, printing it out, and push pinning it up on my little cubicle wall. But I didn't, just in case these top floor muckety mucks don't have a sense of humor.

Other times, when I can't find the zone, I work on the 'project' for a self mandated period of fifteen minutes, then I move on to something else. Co-worker Zack has been working on this project too, so I can't take all the credit for this mind numbing task. Not that I want to take all the credit for it. I don't. But a little recognition for the great mind numbing sacrifice would be nice.

About a month ago, our New Boss sent out a 'hey, I see some progress in this project that needs to get done pretty soon' email. He added some figures and a little graph to the email. I oohed and ahhed and thought, with pride, 'I'm one of the reasons that graph line is going up. Go me!'

Then I scroll down the email... and get to the part where the New Boss says 'Keep it up Ken.'


Not only didn't I get the recognition for the hard work, but the glory goes to someone else!


Me and Zack congratulated Ken on his marvelous ass kissing skills, his stunning talking-out-the-ass skills, to have fooled the New Boss so well. We congratulated him so much I think he was ready to throw office supplies at us. Or was at least imagining what it would feel like. Zack corrected the New Boss by email, a few times actually, and now the New Boss understands who's fixing this mess (which is the project).

We thought we were almost done with the clean up project, me and Zack did. Then we got a report saying we were still at 80% (90% is the goal.) We were flabbergasted. We're only at 80%? But we've done so much work! We're almost done!!! Then we found something we weren't considering in 'the big picture'. Crap. So there's more work to do. More tedious work at that.


At least I have an excuse to work more overtime. Which means more money. And more computer strained eyeball twitchiness. Yeah!

I've been working on this mess practically all day. Need a break. Must find... something... funny... need... laugh medicine...


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